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Tiny Talker: "MDC-8, can you read me?" MDC-8: "Affirmative." Fungus: "Asteroid approaching, starboard side." Rez: "Starship Fuel is burning." Raptor: "Activating artificial gravity." Tiny Talker: "Are life support systems functional?" MDC-8: "Affirmative." Fungus: "Engines full power, hope you're ready for a ride." Rez: "Thrusting further into space." Low Gear: "Sub-atomic, harmonic, particles are... Green." Raptor: "Captain, we are now cruising at near light speed." Low Gear: "Damn these seats are comfy." Tiny Talker: "What about Lobster Drives?" MDC-8: "Affirmative." Fungus: "With all of space ahead of us, let Fungus be your guide." Rez: "Photon Cannons charged." Raptor: "The hyper-drive engines are charged and ready." Tiny Talker: "Excellent. Let's go." Verse 1 - Captain Danger: Captain Seb and Danger, take the ship out on a flight, While Fungus, Rez, and Raptor, can confirm she's flying right, The Lobster Starship blasts off, to a destiny unknown, Through time and space, the wormholes race, the sights we have been shown. Low Gear: "Leaving orbit sounds so good this time of year." Rez: "What enemies will we face?" Tiny Talker: "Are the Crustacean Tubes flowing?" MDC-8: "Affirmative." Raptor: "Turbo pumps are now flowing to the combustion chambers." Verse 2 Aboard the Lobster Starship, all bad feelings go away, It's a spiritual awakening, a love that's here to stay, The astral seas have parted, let us take you on a quest, Through time and space, crustacean race, now you won't be our guest?
Verse 1: Gazing out the window, all these galaxies unknown, Traveling at the speed of light, my heart you'll always own, Gazing at the sunlight, as it beams upon your face, Ever glowing circles that illuminate your grace. Verse 2: Hold me in your four arms, I wish I had more hands, Strip out of these spacesuits, we won't let them hit the stands, I'll take you to my own bed chamber, lobster lights down low, We've explored your planet, now I will explore your soul. Verse 3: It's just us out in space, no one can hear your joy, When I lay down deep inside you, you can call me your earth boy.
Verse 1: Perpetually seeking, that which can't be sought, Moving forward, madness creeping, my efforts all for naught, Eyes locked, heart stopped, the beast is in my grasp, Knuckles white, he's in my sight, I will complete my task. Alien Language.


Sebalan IV aka Sebalan and the Lobster Starship in, Return of the Lobster Starship.

In this harrowing adventure, we find the crew of the Lobster Starship as they embark upon a journey of intrigue, mystery, love, sex, and all things space!

What lies in store for our heroes? Fortune? Fame? Follow along with their journey and enjoy this ride through space, time, and the cosmos, aboard the only starship shaped Lobster in the universe.


released April 12, 2016

Sebalan is:

Captain Sebastian "Seb" Alarcon
Captain Alan Danger

The Lobster Starship is:

First Pilot Jeremy "Fungus" Albright
Communication Officer Nicole "Tiny Talker" Danger
Sub-harmonic Navigator Keith "Low Gear" Allgeier
Chief Engineer Stephanie "Raptor" Raptis
Battle Tactician Manny "Rez" Sembahwah
Medical Officer MDC-8.


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Feedback Vegetables Dallas, Texas

Feedback Vegetables is the indie label home for several projects spearheaded by Alan Danger. From solo albums, to The Lobster Starship, you'll find all sorts of musical goodies here at Feedback Vegetables!

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