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A Collection of Sci​-​Fi Shorts

by The Lobster Starship

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    2019's Album of the Galaxy, The Lobster Starship's "A Collection of Sci-Fi Shorts" is a rambunctious prog party of interesting jams and odd structures. Much like the Dyson Sphere, the universe is full of odd structures, so climb aboard this magic trip, and explore the cosmos with the only lobster shaped starship in the known galaxy!

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Chorus: The sun had shown it's rays, Nebula's parted ways, Listen to what they say! Black hole party, BLACK HOLE PARTY! Verse 1: Tripping through the ether // I can see the cosmic sights Floating like a feather // Opening the astral eyes, Sucked into the darkness // Expecting just a quick demise, Crashed into a party // How? It is a big surprise, Outer Cosmos Kegger // Smokin' all the Spaceman's grass, Will I have to beg her? // Or do we have galactic mass? Lobster Starship's landed // Now the party has arrived, Ocean bowl is loaded // Hey man, can I bum a light? Chorus Verse 2: Afterburner's fired // Melting in a sea of stars, I think this brews expired // Caught somewhere between the bars, This rager's never over // Seems it's only just begun, Crank up the amplifiers // Let's show them how we have our fun, The path that we have taken // Ending at the outer edge, I know we aren't mistaken // Time to take the Lobsters pledge, Party hardy people // Friend and foe are equal too, Aboard the Lobster Starship // Everyone can be the crew, Chorus Verse 3: Hey man, puff pass, don't sass, we're the Lobster crew, Soul five, Look alive, it's time, we're here with you, Live show, we'll go, on stage, and sing some jams, Real feel, this deal, don't worry, Ain't no holograms. Verse 4: The time, in place, in space, is here right now, This groove, our moves, you'll do, we'll show you how, Those hands, get 'em up, Make some noise, let's hear some claps We're here, Let's go, drum roll, it goes blap blap blap,
Intro: Plug in, and check out, Lay back, and float away, You can’t see, but can you feel? This groove, this jam. Verse 1: Lay me down and wrap me up into a roll, Pick me up an easy way to clean my bowl, Sift me if you’re thrifty, you can save my seeds, Plant me in the earth, cause I’ve got all you need, It’s Chorus: Feedback vegetables, put em in your soul, Hashtag Electrical, it’s ever-present glow, Shoes shined, most the time, anywhere we go, Climb aboard this magic trip of vegetables, Let’s Ride! Verse 2: Lettuce have you met us, we can take you in, Corny feeling horny, can you see my grin, Peanut if you mean it, I can guide the way, Got a garden rocket, load the devil’s hay, It’s Chorus Bridge: Make it funky Seb.
Beach Yogurt 09:48
Verse 1: I was walking on the beach, With a yogurt in my hand, Staring at the sun, I didn't even have a plan, Chorus: So I laid down on the ground, And ate some yogurt by the surf, Shut my eyes and washed away, Dreaming 'bout being abducted, Verse 2: Took me in their ship, Put a probe inside my mind, Saw my yogurt, and took a sip, And then left it all behind, Chorus: So I laid down on the ground, And ate some yogurt by the surf, Shut my eyes and washed away, Dreaming 'bout being abducted, I was dreaming 'bout being abducted, Wait, was it really a dream?
Chorus: Planetary, quite contrary, when the cards are stacked, And you won’t turn back Different motives are denotive of the thoughts I lack, And that’s a fact, The odds are great I could relate to your knicks and knacks, Behind those cracks, The things you’ve said, and all I’ve read, can’t bring us back. Verse: When I look to the sky, I can see, all the constellations, Like Orion’s eye, and Cancer glows as I leave the station, Days passing me by, an illusion that’s caused by earth’s rotation, I float, and wonder why, the vacuum of space causes this sensation. Chorus
Chorus: We petrified, When they all died, The cosmic rays, Make cosmic days, For Dinosaurs Verse 1: Studied hard and woke up late, Just in time to make the date, Number 2 in my hand, Tiny arms and master plans, Take the test, pass or fail, This funky desk is now my hell, Stuck inside, the end is near, Destroying all that I hold dear, Chorus Verse 2: Sebalosaurus, by my side, Gotta have that ride or die, Cruising down to hit the spot, Show them everything we’ve got, Sudden looming overhead, An asteroid will make it’s bed, Flattened into dust and bones, Make a movie about dino clones, Chorus Outro: Oh fuck, I just wanted to take my test in peace, But now I’m probably gonna get turned into oil, Probably gonna get blamed for wars, Oh Clever girl, Clever girl indeed.
Verse 1: I was walking through a Scolateen bar, With a bottle of Kr’mchekian brew, When I spied an alien from afar, Who looked just like a creature I knew. Verse 2: So I stumbled through an ocean of beings, Lost inside a deep purple haze, And the closer to this girl I got, The farther in my sight she did stay. I sauntered my way up to her booth, And I, told her what I was in, She said “I guess you look pretty cute, But I'd rather be your friend.” Bridge: So I cried to myself all night, Thinking “What did I do wrong?” Pretending like I didn't exist, And putting down the words to this song, Chorus: I was feeling close to something, Hanging with these cosmic beings, And it felt like this forever, If you know just what I mean Verse 3: When I, met this girl again, And she tore my heart in two, I said “Are these the alien friends, That I thought that I knew?” Verse 4: I think she was a figment, Of my inebriated soul, The spice inside of that brew, Is something that I may never know. I mean the Kr'mchekian are famous for tasty things! Chorus
Verse 1: Beware the Lobster Man, He claims he'll save the land, Take you into his home, give you his pot of gold, He'll do the best he can. Verse 2: Beware the Lobster Man, He wants to be your friend, Sing you his deeds and praise, drift on his holy ways, Help you until the end, Choir: Lobster, La La La La, Lobster Lobster, La La La La, Lobster Lobster, La La La La, Lobster Lobster, La La La La, Lobster Man Bridge 1: He was born a simple lobster man, Farmer parents, and a big expanse, He wasn't happy with the hand he was dealt, in, life, Spending time inside the holy books, Learning secrets of the ancient cooks, He turned to evil, boiled people, and destroyed, space, time, Bridge 2: We had to give up on our cosmic race, Take the Starship to a deadly place, Poised for battle with the lobster man, we must, survive! Lobster Starship here to save the day, Go to battle, and it's safe to say, We won't be bested, and he will not leave this place alive! Verse 3: Beware the Lobster Man, He will enslave the land, Have you in ropes and chains, beat you until you drain, Unless we take a stand, Verse 4: So we fought the Lobster Man, Battled across the sands, He swore he could not lose, Mars was his last refuge, We beat the Lobster Man. Outro: Lobster Man!


Recorded at 50/Fifty Studios, and mastered by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Sounds, A Collection of Sci-Fi Shorts is The Lobster Starship's next cosmic set of adventures.

Featuring several tales of intergalactic lost love, alien alcoholic brews, crazy shamanic herbs, and all sorts of Sci-Fi inspired goodness, this album is sure to have something for everyone!


released October 25, 2019

Alan Danger - Guitar, Vocals, Synths tracks 2-7
Seb Alarcon - Guitar, Gang Vocals track 5&7, SFX track 7
Greg Stout - Bass, Gang Vocals track 5&7, SFX track 7
Shelby "The Professor" Cole - Drums, Gang Vocals track 5&7, SFX track 7


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