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Alan Danger: Kick that funky bass, that's what I like, Let's lay it on down for 'em, guys, I said let's lay it on down there guys, Groove on down, to funky town, We've got the things you need, Lay your head down on my sheets, And you can come and cuddle me, You know I got, the things you need, If you look deep down inside, I'll be the one, the only one, The one who'll be your guide, Make it funky now Be the one, by my side, And I'll take you to the moon, Look up at the stars at night, And know that they spell you, Side by side, I'll be with you, And we'll ride until the end, The cosmic dust behind our ship, Will show you where we land, And where we been. Keith "Low Gear" Allgeier/Chorus: Hey, Get up with the hit jam, Move in with that hustle bustle, Bring in the flim flam, Comfy in the trouble bubble, Sebastian "Seb" Alarcon: Well good evening Reverend Danger, Fine groove we've got today, I just saw the pretty stranger, Struttin' down my way, She was lookin' right as rain, So I knew she spent the night, You like to entertain, But did you treat her right? When she was up, up against your chest, Did you listen to what she said? When she asked you "What's for breakfast?" Did you offer her some eggs? I know you've got to like her body, But did you see her mind? She grooves as a hobby, Now that I can get behind, Come back here girl, Let's, make it funky now, Make it, make it funky now. Chorus Jeremy "Fungus" Albright: This is your captain, We're here to get funky on this beat, Danger, Seb, and Low Gear are the crew upon this fleet, Sail into the starwinds, The ship has left it's dock, I'll let you navigate me, If you want to see my, Make it funky now! I said A E I O U Chorus
Dreamin' 04:08
Verse 1: Dreamin' of your eyes, Believin, that the sky ain't the limit, Swimmin' through my mind, Prayin', that you'd say I'm the one, Chorus: Hopin' and wishin', That you would stop bitching, I'm doing the best that I can. Verse 2: Roll up a spliff, put to my lips, Relieving the stress of my day, You had to go, I want you to know, That you've got me feeling this way, I'll stand in the rain until you feel my pain, It's a message I send from my heart, Baby, pack in this bowl, there's no need to re-roll In space where I'll wait to restart. Chorus Bridge: Chicken in the corn don't know no better, He eats his feelings away, Chicken in the corn don't know no better, Strive to be good every day, Chicken in the corn don't know no better, Ja says everything's ok, Chicken in the corn don't know no better, You've got me feeling this way. Outro: De do do do, De da da da.
Index 05:09
Wit Chu 05:12
Seb: Can I get that just slightly louder? Ooh baby, If I had a billion dollars baby, Oh if I had a billion dollars. If I had a billion to invest in an intense, Futuristic, virtual reality, alternate reality, Battery reality, universe, Oh I'd love you baby, I would make swooshes in the air, And raise mountains, and carve mountains, And make animals march in a straight line, In alphabetical order, swaying from side, to side. Oh baby, I love you. I'm gonna change the color of the sun, From blue to red, and red to blue, And red to red, and right to bed, And blue and blue, and you, And you and me, Oh baby, I'm talking about you babe, I'm talking about my super immersive, Virtual alternate battery reality, VR experience, tight half hour, Bone rich, and lived rich, And invested my fortune in useless diversions, Total submersion, Oh yeah, These pixels are pretty amazing babe, Oh babe, I love you babe. Danger: Damn, Sebastian is spitting fire tonight. Let's see if I can spit some fire tonight. Undo the zipper attached to the front of my pants, Pull out a banana made in France, See if you can fit the whole thing in your mouth, Cause you know baby it's a sundae, And I like on Sundays, we take a sundae, I'm gonna give you my, foot long, from Subway, Italian BMT, the Italian Stallion, Alan Danger is here, Gonna show you what I mean. Gonna show you what I mean. Got my boy Low Gear on bass, I got Sebastian laying, Hot rhymes, doing time, Gonna put out a sign, 'slippery when wet,' You know you're dropping panties, And I'm dropping, and I'm dropping them bets, On which one is coming home with me, I'm thinking that brunette right there in the front, Yeah, girl, you, you know which one, alright, Wake up about 3:15, maybe I'll make you some breakfast, But probably not, get the fuck out my house, Stupid ass. Get the fuck out my house, Who the fuck wakes up at 3:15 in the afternoon? Somebody who was doing a lot of fucking drugs the night before, duh. If you know what I mean, I said do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean?
Luke: While I stare out into space. (Blackboard Prophet) Ending up in another place. (Secret Project) My son, and my mother, my wife, and my daughter, (Silent Doctor) Never look into my eyes again, (It's weird science) While I stare out into space. Ending up in another place.
Verse 1: We are the small things, space between moth wings, The sun will stop rising, I'd say that's surprising, Back up your memory, the void is a medley, Garbage and fortune, these all deserve mention, Chorus: Round and round, Fox and hound Verse 2: Belay that last order, there's sand in the mortar, The tounge has a center, it's tender and bitter, Atoms have half lives, grooms worship their brides, Tangled like wires, unstoppable fires. Bridge: The tounge has a center, Does it now? It's tender and bitter, Don't you say? Chorus Verse 3: Diamonds can measure the underground pressure, Ring around rosie, she'll make sure you're cosy, Count the four dieing, the last breath of trying, Servants have pharoahs, cats all know sparrows, Bridge: Ring around rosie, Play with me, Make sure you're cosy, Don't go away, Chorus Verse 4: Distant and knowing, faint but still glowing, The end of the chase, is the shape of your face, Bridge: The sun will stop rising, Will it now? I'd say that's surprising, Do you say? End: Round and round, Turn around, Round and round, Turn around,
Verse 1: Do you know me? I smell your mind. Can you fix me? You're so shiny. Verse 2: Bring me protein. Flush my systems. Make sure I'm clean. Adjust my rhythms. Verse 3: Thank you, small man. Click my eyes in. I feel the god hand. Diagnostic insulin.


Sebalan's fifth studio release, Sebalan V is quite the undertaking. 40 minutes of music spanning 9 genres, from funk and jazz, to rock and fusion, and quite a few options in-between, S5 is sure to delight those who want to expand their tastes and minds with the musicians of Sebalan.

Sebalan would like to thank our friends and supporters, our significant others, and anyone who takes a chance on our music, whether you enjoy it or not.


released September 9, 2016

All music written and recorded by Sebastian Alarcon, Alan Danger, and crew mates of the Lobster Starship as noted on individual tracks.


all rights reserved



Feedback Vegetables Dallas, Texas

Feedback Vegetables is the indie label home for several projects spearheaded by Alan Danger. From solo albums, to The Lobster Starship, you'll find all sorts of musical goodies here at Feedback Vegetables!

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